tree types


Our most popular choose and cut varieties are: 
Douglas Fir
White Fir
Incense Cedar
Sierra Redwood
Grand Fir
Monterey Cypress
Arizona Cypress
Leyland Cypress
Coastal Redwood

Due to years of drought in California we have a large selection of beautiful pre-cut trees to add to our choose and cut trees in the field.


Choose and cut trees are $70 - any size, any variety, any height. Cash or check only please. This price includes all taxes and cleaning and netting of the tree. 

Precut trees are individually priced.  Prices vary depending on the species. We have Silvertips (Red Firs) brought in from the California High Sierra.  Noble Fir, Grand Fir, Nordmann Fir and Douglas Fir are brought in from farms in Oregon. To stay fresh, all precut trees are recut and stored in water when delivered to our farm.

We also offer complimentary hot tea, hot chocolate, popcorn and a kids’ craft table.  Kids can make a glitter star ornament to take home to decorate the tree.

tree care

All trees will seal off at the base when the cut is exposed to air.  Before your tree is placed in a water stand, you will need to re-cut one half inch off the bottom to allow the tree to drink. If your tree is not going in the house until the next day or even a few days later, we recommend keeping in it in the netting, out of the sun and wind and in a bucket with plenty of fresh water. The important thing is not how soon you get it in water but how soon after you re-cut it you get it in water. 

If you want your tree to stay fresh, never let the water drop to the level of the cut or below, once this happens the tree will seal over and stop drinking.  An average tree will drink a gallon per day. We recommend keeping the tree in the netting until it is in your home, in place and adjusted in the stand with water, then remove the netting with scissors. The plastic netting is recyclable.